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Associated News features a team of talented writers with a variety of background. Put the Shopping-2-150x150writer’s name in the subject line to send them an email.

Michael David – Michael has been reporting on but not limiting himself to multimedia and upcoming technology trends over the past 10 years.

Tammy Parker – Tammy has written for local papers for most of her career with the occasional stand out pieces making there way into nationwide publications.

Leonard Brady – Spent most of his career writing fiction with the exception of the last four years where he’s found himself enjoying classic journalism.

Alexis Morgan – Three years out of university, Alexis has emerged herself as an exceptional young journalist.

John Clark – A seasoned writer, John has finished three books in the last seven years and enjoys contributing to online and local publications.

Nick Matheny – Focuses most of his energies on technology and gadgets, some would say he is a geek.

Ash Williams – Though well versed in journalism, Ash spends most of her literary powers on fashion and entertainment.

Eric Sherman – A long time staff writer, Eric is witty and has a great attention to detail.

Mike Rinaldi – A Columbia grad who definitely does not shy away from confrontation.

Tobias Johnson – What can we say about Tobias, he brews a mean pot of coffee.

John Smith –  John is our Investigative reporter. Uncovering injustices around the world. John specializes in exposes about corporate and workplace bullies and irresponsible journalism.

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